And sow it begins!

Well for me Febuary is offically the first propper month of growing, reason being its when I order my seeds, seed potatoes and onions and start putting things into the ground.

Its been a mild but harsh month in Shropshire, the forsts havent been killers but prolonged and the ground has been like concreet, anyway other than tidying I havent been able to do much but this week, as the temprature has gone up around 7-9degrees trought out the day, I decided that id get my asparagus and red onions in.

As Asparagus takes up alot of space and only has a short season at first i was unsure if I should grow any, but the thing is I love it! its amazing fresh and nothing like the stuff in the supermarket. So after a bit of research I discovered is can grow really well in the strawberry bed, so inface its not taking up any space at all, it growns underground and pops up when its ready, and the rest of the year my strawberries do thier own thing!

Once that job was done I decided to risk a net of onions. they were only £1.50 a bag of 75 from Wilko so its a “shot to nothing” as a snooker player may say. minimal risk maximum reward!

Then ready for when the onions start growing my “compost buinnies” have already made me around 300lt of lovely mulch, this should work well to feed and keep the weeds down.

Well spring is almost upon us and i for one cant wait! Hopefully the more I get to do as the weather improves the more i will have to post about.