Return to the Plot.

Well… where do I start?
As you will no doubt have seen from the blog entries Iย started, but never got going!
partly my own laziness and reluctance to actually sit and write.

Although I did use my plot in 2015, i didn’t blog about it.
but for most of 2016 I was unwell, (nothing serious) but unable to do any digging and weeding etc, I even considered giving the plot up.

Thank fully I’m in much better form now. and I started to get down the allotment again in Late July 2016, but the months had taken their toll, it was a right mess!

Spurred on with a new zest for gardening I got to clearing the weed over the autumn and winter and getting my greenhouse repaired, the aim to be ready to plant in the spring of 2017. It’s also helped that friends of mine have now taken a plot on the site so i feel like there is a friendly rivalry yo grow veg! Cheers you know who you are.

So I lasted an autumn and a winter plugging away and now feel very happy with my plot. I have had to compactly re learn gardening as I know it, the old way of double digging and weeding by hand just wasn’t going to be possible. (medical reasons… ill explain another time, long story) so I’ve tried to full implement the No Dig method, and promoted by Charles Dowding, its been amazing! If you have a disability, (as I do) or just finding digging too much, for any reason, give it ago, you will be converted.
There are plenty of videos on Youtube to learn this new craft.

So… it’s now May 1st 2017 and i think I’m in a good place with the growing season and in orderย to keep on top of all the work, I decided to start a youtube channel. No delusions of being an internet sensation, but to more so keep a log of what I’m doing and how i progress. Inspiration for this has been from watching Sean Cameron and Hannah Nightingale (search for them on Youtube) they have so much knowledge to pass on, and even thought i have “pottered” at gardening since 2006 I’ve learnt quit a bit from them.
Hannah the “mushroom crate soil sieve” is amazing! (watch the video and save yourself ยฃ10)

Another reason I started a video blog/diary is because I struggle with the written word (I’m actually dyslexic, and rely heavily on the computer correcting my spelling etc so I apologise in advance if my use of language offends.) Hopefully my points come across.
The youtube channel should make the process of documenting my growing season much easier (for me) but I do intend on updating this page at least seasonally (maybe even once a month… we will see)

In the mean time here are a few links to the videos I’ve shot so far.
I hope you enjoy them and may all your gardening days be delightful.


Allotment and Planting Tomatoes

Allotment and making raised planters

Allotment and Shed Tidy