Summer, Autumn& Winter on the Plot.

As I’m sure you are well aware from reading this blog, I really struggle some what with the physical aspect of just getting words down on paper. I am dyslexic, so it honestly takes me hours to to compose the words in my head down on paper.

So this year I started to make short videos of my time on my allotment, mainly as a visual diary. what I have planted and where. one thing I can do is talk… yep! I can talk for England. so Youtube is the perfect format for me and my ramblings.

What I have discovered is thats making the videos hasn’t impacted on my time on the plot, in fact the opposite has happened, it makes me do more. I feel the need to do odd jobs just so I have some footage for the channel. In fact its been the driving force behind my plot this year.

So apologies for not updating this blog on a monthly basis, but honestly its just not my style. I will thought put up block videos every few months. So until the next entry, have fun, speak soon!

Please check out some of the videos bellow.