January – The time to think.

Shropshire Allotment

Hello there!

Well still very little in the way of growing taking place on my allotment as I’m very cautious of sowing anything to early. Yes we are all eager to get things growing and for many its probably been 4 months since you last popped a seed into compost, but there is nothing that desperately needs to be planted ion January that wont catch up if planted in February. In fact many seeds sown in January and kept on windowsills and in cool greenhouses will only end up being weaker, poor quality plants. so if you don’t have a heated greenhouse or similar, sit on your green fingers and resist the urge to sow, or if you just cant stick to leeks and onion seeds.

In the last of the down time before the growing season really kicks into life its given me plenty of opportunity to think more about my New Years plans and aspirations for the plot. the chickens have moved into there new run and I plan on expanding this for a series of pods and external runs so they can roam and explore. Think chicken adventure playground. That has lead me to think that if the chickens have a nice home on the Allotment then I need one two, so as soon as the weather warms up I plan on sprucing up the shed, painting it and adding a nice area to sit, and maybe even lie down, to give my back some much needed rest when needed.

From this I then decided that I want my allotment to represent my own personality more and as a bit of an “arty farty” id like so have some reproduction Dig for Victory signage around. and give many of my raised beds a bright lick of paint, reds, lime greens and yellows. This isn’t creating more work, I hear you cry, because I will give the paint to my children and they can do it for me! Nothing quite like slave labour, isn’t that what having children is for?

Then, I thought some more… see I told you January was for thinking!
wouldn’t it be nice not to always be down the allotment in my “scruffs” (old clothes)
looking back on the Dig for Victory movement and WW1/WW2 made me realise just how smart our great grandparents were. gardening in a shirt and tie, lovely tweed and wool and a real pride in ones personal appearance. Now I use to love fashion and being dressed well, then at some point I lost my way. Jeans and a hoodie became an easy (and cheap) alternative and jogging bottoms and a T-Shirt became my “scruffs” Fishing, gardening and any mess job, clothes.

“British people have never dressed as badly” –ย Dame Vivienne Westwood. 2012.

So once we have some better weather and less rain I intend on ditching the over trousers and hoodies, even the wooly hat! brylcreem my hair and smarten up a bit, I’m not suggesting I will be suited and booted but I do intend to get my fashion sense back.
I was an “Indie Kid” at college and University, I rocked the twisted dirty denim, lambretta shirts and retro Goala Trainers. the hair maybe a bit thiner, and the beard developing a few grey hairs but theres no reason I can’y be smarter on my allotment.
Why not have ago your self? We Can Do It!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.00.12.png


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