Making Gardening more accessible.

Over the years I’ve adapted my gardening methods to suit me, rather than doing what other people think is best. After all, it’s my allotment so the allotment snobs can take a long leap into a hot muck pile!

There are several things that make my gardening experiences much better, no-dig is the one that seems to cause the most controversy on allotments up and down the land.

Many an allotment holder have this notion that in order to get the most from your plot you must double dig and have regimented long rectangular beds with row after row of thinned out vegetables, this is all well and good and it looks very nice, but it is not the only way to garden and it definitely isn’t the way to garden if mobility is an issue.

If like me, you have a disability or you are slowing down due to age or fitness the one thing you will want to do less of is dig. so adopting the no-dig approach will definitely be something to consider. it is not a fad or some “quick fix” its a tried and tested “proper” gardening technique, that is better for soil, plants and most importantly you.

No dig is even being used now by commercial farmers (they call it no plough) as they have seen the benefits it has on plant production irrespective of its health benefits.

There is, however, one problem with no dig. What I hear you cry! Well, the truth is the allotment snobs hate it. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked. When are you digging your beds? why have you covered your beds with straw? or a week later. are you digging that in soon?

They seem obsessed, and year on year they seem more puzzled by how my crops, amongst straw, mulch and few weeds, seem to grow as well, sometimes better, than theirs. I think a few would rather start believing in fairies rather than admit that no dig gardening works!


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