Get it done!


I have had my TGA Maximo for a couple of weeks now, I think it’s important that I name drop occasionally one it helps inform you the reader/watcher but secondly and probably more importantly, the more I use her, yes she’s a “her”, it is obvious that its no ordinary “mobility scooter” I think she’s possibly a transformer!

Ok, ok, I will be serious for a second, since I received her the weather has been rubbish, (watch my allotment videos you will see what I mean) we have had so much rain that the ground is sodden and I have been itching to get her down the allotment again but to be honest its not been pleasant being outside, let alone outside on a scooter.

This weekend we had a break in the weather and so I asked my fiancee if she would drop me at the allotment with the scooter. I had a plan in my head and wanted to see if it would work because we had some bark mulch delivered and any allotmenteer will tell you, bark mulch is gold!

I have been around the streets and across some relatively mediocre ground but the wetness of the allotment this week I knew would be a serious test. If she coped today then summer with dry cut grass will be a breeze!

So to the plan… Could I use my Maximon to help me with the bark?
I have always struggled with walking as I have written about before. so taking advantage of the free gold, I mean bark, is very hard for me. I can do one barrow load two at an absolute push then I’m done, for the day! Literally, in so much pain and cramps that I need to go home and sleep, then rest all the following day.

So I borrowed a garden trolly, I hooked it up to the rear of the Maximo and created a machine that Joseph Cyril Bamford would be proud of! I have to say it was an absolute dream, I managed to move 5 barrows of bark today with ease and still had some energy to do a few other small jobs as well as spend time out in the fresh air on the plot and with my chickens.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… He who dares Rodney, He who dares!
Embrace your disability!


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