Spreading the word…

Everything seems to have really kicked on over the last few weeks, after all the wet weather of early spring, suddenly we have had this fantastic early summer and as there saying goes “make hay when the sun shines!”

Well I haven’t been making any actual hay, but the allotment has gone from strength to strength, the garden at home has really started to come into its own and we have already had 3 BBQs. (although thats down on last year… we do love a BBQ in our house, but thats a whole blog in its self)

But more importantly I’m back in the world of design and its great being creative again. plus my blog has gone from strength to strength and has been picked up by a The local paper The Shropshire Star, BBC Radio and a disability news-letter who really liked the message I’m trying to get out, taking the stigma out of mobility scooters.

My Nan & Grandad have proudly pinned this up in their kitchen.

To be honest, I’m still a little amazed that people want to hear my ramblings, don’t get me wrong, i’ve always had opinions, anyone who follows my personal twitter account will know that.

I was brought up in a family that always told me to ask questions and voice opposition if you have one, which is not always common place. In fact over the years many of my friends/girlfriends who have met my family have always found it odd that we can sit around the dinner table and have quite heated debates on politics, life, football and religion get annoyed with each other and then go back to dinner like nothings happened!

This is obviously why I have a side to me that is capable of seeing both side to an argument and can quite easily debate a subject that I personally may not be in favour of, which makes me wonder why I didn’t have a few short words with my self 4 years ago when I refused to seek help and get a mobility scooter then, but by the same token its also why I now have this major urge to get this message out thats – MOBILITY SCOOTERS ARE NOT FOR OAPS! – I will be screaming this from the roof tops before long.

The truth is the more I use my Maximo the more i’m realising just how crazy my stubbiness was. In such a short space of time already we have had so much fun as a family and been to so many new places its really has justified my hashtag #AnyoneCanExplore because its true.

Its not even about grand days out or high octane trips up your local mountain…. (Which I am already planning!) but just hoping out on a whim for a few hours is now no longer a chore that requires 24hrs bed rest.

The Wrekin, (1335ft) from Wellington Cricket Club. I will be going up it again! 

Only last week my partner suggested going to a local market for a rummage amongst the useless tat and out of date biscuits. 2 years ago I would have passed this up, even the draw of a three kilo box of broken hobnobs for £1 wouldn’t have been tempting enough to get me up and walking around the market, but with the Maximo it was so easy.

We wizzed around had plenty of banter with the market holders and I even left with a kilo of black pudding! (Hey! I’m from Shropshire, yes we really do eat it, don’t judge me!)

My point, sorry I know we have wandered somewhat… is that these little adventures to the shops, newsagent, the park or local black pudding seller that are essential to life, its these moments of interaction, exploration and freedom that separate life and living from just existence and existing.

Its no secret that one of the toughest punishments you can bestow on a human is solitary confinement. So don’t punish yourself. If help and its offered, accept. If you need a mobility aid, get one and go on a mini adventure.