Anyone can explore, anyone can garden!

If you follow me on Twitter or YouTube. you are no doubt aware that I have a goal to get more people to accept disability and accept help, in my case, it was the help of a mobility aid, specifically a mobility scooter and since I’ve had my scooter the TGA Maximo
I haven’t looked back, in fact, I’m wondering why I didn’t use one sooner.

As you may have seen there was some interest from my local newspaper and that was quickly picked up by BBC Radio Shropshire who wanted to do an interview! I know, crazy isn’t it, little old me on the wireless!

Jokes aside its amazing news as its getting the message out and the whole point of me blogging, vlogging and talking openly about disability and accessibility/mobility were to encourage other people to do the same.

So if you’d like to hear my Shropshire-Twang please give it a listen, but more importantly if you can share this, share my blogs and share my youtube videos. I have no great wish to be “internet famous” but if we can get one more person out and about, accepting disability and living life, then we will have done a great thing.


For anyone interested in the mobility scooter I use it is the TGA Maximo.
and you can find full details and specs at

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