Summer is here!

After the hard winter and crazy spring, Summer is officially here.
I won’t bore you with too many details as those who watch my YouTube Vlogs will know all about it. Shameless plug!

Spring has basically had everything from snow to a heat wave and flash floods in between. A town 6 miles away from Newport, Shropshire me had 2 feet of water flow down the high street the same day we had a muggy dry may afternoon.

What is more bizarre is that Newport has never flooded according to my Grandad, who was born and raised there and now in his seventies.

But in between the weather anomalies, the family and I have taken full advantage of the unusual heat wave. we have been out and about so much we are already into profit on the National Trust membership. Every year we work out how much our membership cost and divide that by the entrance fee to Attingham Park (our local site)
This year we had to do 7 National Trust visits to break even. We are already on 10!
So we are now into FREE DAYS OUT! WOOHOO! 

This year 2018 my local town Telford is celebrating its 50th birthday, created as a new town in the 1960s by merging all the small local towns and villages. Oakengates, Wellington, Dawley, Newport, Donnington, Ketley, Wombridge, Hadley to name a few.

although “Telford” is a new town, the area is rich in heritage. Wellington is where Charles I raised his banners to start the civil war, Wombridge & Lillishall are the sites of monastery ruins lost in the reformation and many of the local villages can be traced back well into Saxon times, pre-Norman Conquest of 1066, but what we are probably most notable for is Ironbridge.

Lots of people lay claim to being “the birthplace of industry” but Ironbridge (Telford) is. fact. Coalbrookdale on the banks of the River Severn was where Abraham Derby I first discovered how to cast iron using coke and set up a furnace in Coalbrook dale as Shropshire Coal is apparently very low in sulfur. many years later, his grandson, Abraham Derby III would cast the worlds first Ironbridge in 1779.

The Derby family lead the way and by 1796 Charles Bage designed and built the Ditherington flax mill in Shrewsbury just 10 miles away which is known as the ‘grandfather of skyscrapers.’ So I like to think no Ironbridge, no skyscrapers!

Anyway….. history lesson over.


Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 18.34.31.png

To celebrate Telford’s birthday the local council have been running a series of events. one of which was a duck hunt in Ironbridge in aid of charity. Let’s go quackers and local artists have designed a series of giant rubber styled ducks all which have an Ironbridge twist! – I won’t spoil it as you may want to visit.

Ironbridge 5th May-8th July and then in Southwater (Telford Town Centre) from 14th of July.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 18.32.14.png

The root takes you all around the gorge and is fully accessible, so I took the Maximo and Family out and we had an amazing day, including lunch in one of the many pubs Ironbridge and the surrounding area has to offer.

For anyone interested in the mobility scooter I use it is the TGA Maximo.
and you can find full details and specs at

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