Using my TGA Maximo. Urban or rural #AnyoneCanExplore

I have had a few questions regarding my TGA Maximo, as you are aware with the help of TGA I am trying to raise awareness of the benefits of mobility scooter and squash any stigmas people have about using one. (please see my other blogs)

Obviously, everyone is different and everyone has very different needs, this is just in life without factoring in disability, health and any other specific medical issues. Whats good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander!

That being said, I honestly believe that now, 2018, is a great time to be looking for a mobility scooter/wheelchair if you need one because there is so much choice. TGA alone has something for everyone. Seriously take a look!

Obviously, my Maximo won’t suit everyone, but for me it is perfect. It was very important for me to have something that could go almost anywhere but be compact enough to fit in my car. I drive a Hyundai Tuscon and it fits in the boot nicely, easily lifted by myself and my fiance. so when we go out as a family we don’t have to be limited anymore a

Yes the Maximo is larger and heavier than your standard folding scooter, but it was never intended to be a “standard scooter” it’s like a “mico-off roader” bridle paths, potholed country lanes, woodland walks and even a water logger allotment have all been conquered by me and my Maximo. You couldn’t do that in a standard scooter, I know, I have tried. But at the same time, the Maximo is compact enough that I have even taken it around IKEA for the day.

Now if you have no desire to go exploring the countryside, walking the dog or chasing the chickens around the allotment then have a look at the other models, Like the Minimo. Because with the help that is available to us these days Exploring you surroundings has never been so accessible, remember #AnyoneCanExplore.

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