Winter’s got me thinking… Vlog direction.


As expected winter has been quiet on the Allotment… its been all about looking after the chickens as very little is growing, this has lead me into thinking just where I want my Channel to go?

YouTube all started for me as a video diary, but now with over 300 subscribers its lead to me creative juices flowing. I am learning more about YouTube, an hour shooting and editing video and now want to do the best job I can with the resources I have.

I will still be mainly focused on the Allotment and plan on uploading 2 videos a week Friday at 19:30 and Monday at 19:30, I aim to be more focused with less waffle, edited nicer and will try to keep my footage to under 10 minutes. I want a good 10 mins people can enjoy rather than 25 minutes people are turning off from.

I also plan on featuring my mobility scooter more, It is becoming a more important part of my life, it has helped me do so much in 2018 and can only see it taking me further afield in 2019. So look out for at least 1 video a month dedicated to an adventure on the Maximo!

Now… This takes me into a slightly different direction. I want to include my other hobbies. After all my channel, I hope, has developed into a means of inspiring others to accept disability and get outside and adventure, so I want to add more of what I do!
This means more fishing, more history, and metal detecting.

The plan here is that at least once a month I will upload a video of one (maybe even all three) of these hobbies.Β Obviously, this is all dependent on weather, just what I’m doing that month and, the biggest factor, my condition, but I see no reason why I can add something of interest!

I hope you continue to enjoy following my journey and hopefully I gain a few new followers interested in my other hobbies.

So until next time, Happy sowing, Tight Lines and Keep Swinging beepers!

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