The easiest raised bed/pond ever!

My Grandad wanted to do some DIY again, so I introduced him to Woodblocx.

Late Spring my grandad had mentioned that he wanted a new pond. He’s had 3 or 4 over the years and all has dug himself. In fact, he was planning on doing the same thing again!

Well… he suffers very badly with back and mobility issues and although his mind thinks he is mid-20s, he sadly is a little older. So I put my foot down and told him it was a silly idea for him to dig a pond, at best it was going to lead to weeks of sleepless nights in pain and days bored to death recovering inside… at worst, well. We can guess the worst case scenario.

Then I saw an article on Woodblocks and that got me thinking, I preach #AnyoneCanGarden and I honestly believe that, but can anyone do DIY? Can anyone build?

My Grandad loved his DIY, he built extensions to his house, garages, sheds etc all from scratch. he has probably owned every tool ever invented… he may have even used half of them, but over time as his health deteriorated so has his lust for building things, he still will do small jobs and loves to potter on mini-projects but he stays well within his physical comfort zone, and I don’t blame him!

So I spoke to Woodblocx and mentioned this and asked them if they thought if their pond/raised bed was easy to build. They were so sure that my Grandad could build one, they sent him one and just asked that I film the footage. I have to say when I asked them if they “wanted anything” they just said to be honest!

So here is the footage, possibly the easiest pond build I have seen and my grandad was so impressed he honestly believes he could build a house from Woodblocx! – Needless to say, I’m trying to hold his grand plans back!


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