A new growing year, a new year to grow!

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Its been a strange winter after 2018 and the late Beast from the East in February and March I was really expecting Winter 2019 to be a very very cold one, Snow, Ice and Arctic blasts galore!

It wasn’t… In fact, I think it rarely got below -2 and only on more or two occasions did we get anything colder than -5. We didn’t even have to turn the outside taps off! and we had 3 days of snow with no more than 3 inches. To be honest, we didn’t have a winter we just had a very long Autumn, it was just cold and wet from November to February!

This gave me lots of time to think about my YouTube Channel and the new direction my Vlogs are taking. I still plan on focusing on the allotment and #AnyoneCanGarden ethos, but I also plan on showing off some of my other hobbies and interests. Metal Detecting, Fishing and My love of exploring Historical places.

Last Year was awesome, having the TGA Maximo. (mobility scooter) really got me outside and adventuring and I plan on doing so much more this year. I have already started going around with my children when the hunt for Pokemon, but I have more and more adventures planned including Fishing a lot more in 2019 and all being well getting up The Wrekin! (A Hill in Shropshire)

The Maximo was a huge help on the allotment last year too and already this year its done over 20 trips up and down my plot carrying all my equipment, compost, and manure. I have managed to rig up a cart/trailer system and its more than capable of hauling 3 bags of compost from my car to the plot. No more wheelbarrows for me! (Video Below)

As for my other Hobbies, the one that is exciting me the most (after the Allotment) of late is metal detecting. Its been a real joy to get outside with some wonderful people and search for history… In fact, it helped my mental health so much over the winter.
I have rarely fished in the winter, as just sitting in the cold isn’t good for my muscles, but being able to walk about a little swinging the detector has, at times, not only been possible but really enjoyable. I’m yet to find anything truly exciting but when the odd Georgian coin or musket ball pops us I get so excited.

This has got me thinking about the mental health benefits of just being outside, and how the allotment, fishing and metal detecting are perfect hobbies people can do to improve their health in 2019. Hey! I like an Xbox Game and a binge watch of Netflix as much as the next person… but I will admit it’s not conducive to a good mental state, in fact as much as I like “screen time” it can’t beat outdoors time.

So 2019 will not just be more of the same… it will be an improvement and hopefully inspire a few more people to get a mobility scooter and get outside, get some compost and start growing or go buy a fishing rod or metal detector and start exploring the outside world.

As always, please check out my YouTube Channel, too many videos to list since the last blog, but a small selection is a bellow.

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