Art, Photography & Design


I spent several years in an art school environment, trained as a graphic designer and then progressed into advertising and packaging design, but I’ve always had a interest in art and the creative. I like to think I’m a good all rounder, I sketch, draw, photograph and generally play around with many different creative methods.

Over the years I’ve never shared any of my personal work, I never really felt it was worthy of the public domain, but things have changed in my life and I now feel a lot more secure with my “scribbles” so please feel free to browse, comment and hopefully enjoy.


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As you can see from the small selection of my work I have designed almost everything from Packaging to Clothing and even Lorry Curtains, illustrated many things including the patterns on fishing lures to “how to..” instructions on Cling Film boxes as well as being fortunate enough, to be able to take my own studio photography even if my main photography love is landscape.


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