I have been fishing since the age of 14, many a weekend and school holiday was spent fishing with a school friend, who got me into the sport.

Then progressed to fishing most weekend with my Grandad, who was the only one willing to take me further afield in pursuit of a monster or two, he had given up fishing as a child and had not done any in his teen adult years, so in a roundabout sort of way I taught my Grandad, as times had moved on from a garden cane and bent safety pin down the local canal at “China Town,” Newport, to you and me.

I have never been a prolific angler, in fact, at the time of writing this I’m still to have a 20lb Carp and 10lb Barbel, which is very common these days, but I stopped chasing “big fish” a few years ago as the pressure I put on myself was spoiling the hobby. I now only fish for the pleasure. no more chasing monsters, although they are more than welcome if the fishing gods are reading this.

For several years now I have been the member of Kinver Freeliners AC and I have to say its the best fishing club I have ever been part of the waters are fantastic and hold a special place in my heart, myself and my grandad would drive past there pools at Dudmaston Hall most Saturdays, while on the way to a cheap day ticket lake, and my grandad would always say “be nice to fish those”

Then several years later I put my name down, waited for a few years and joined the club.
at the time I was working in the fishing industry for a few brands and everyone I spoke to had told me, “you won’t regret joining”

That year I was able to take my grandad on the very lakes we drove past years before.
He told me it was the best days fishing he had, I only caught one small carp that day, he had several. It was the best days fishing I’ve had too.

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My Grandad doesn’t go fishing as much as he did, mainly due to age, he likes to go on warm days and when he’s feeling upto it as he suffers a lot with his back due to the abuse it had working far too hard in his younger days.

So I have had to take on a new apprentice and so from the age of 3 I got my son fishing, Just Like my grandad, he also tends to out fish me on most days.

This year I hope to get my daughter fishing too, my son better look out, she really does like a bit of sibling competition!

Just a Shropshire Lad & his adventures.

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