The Allotment

I have always been a garden lover but not in the usual sense, I like flowers and theres nothing better than a walk through a national trust designed garden, but I love growing veg and using anything from skip dives to freecycle rather than spending £££ in the garden centre.

Yes I get pleasure from a ornate plant pot and a lovely bloom of daffodils but I get real excited when I get a harvest of new potatoes from a recycled toy box, a free bag of horse manure and some grass cuttings.

The allotment is the perfect place for me to experiment, its out of sight but very much not out of mind. We should all try it, even if you have a small patch behind the bins or shed, have ago at “making do and mend” its a philosophy that in recent years has been neglected, but its defiantly on the rise, after all it was this very British mentality that got our grandparents and their parents through some very difficult times.

So have a go and no dig for victory!


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